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Everything is going mobile.  As a result, we are developing several mobile apps both for you, and your students. This is the "go to" place for the ONLY apps designed to help your students make it to the stage--and beyond.  Great for DECA, FBLA and other CTSO's.

I know. I hear it all the time. The role-play score is great, but the tests seem to be stopping students from making the stage. Here is a great way to practice. These apps use questions form the test bank developed by MBAResearch. So what? Well, as you may or may not know--MBAResearch provides test questions to DECA and FBLA. Each app comes with 100 questions and an in-app purchases allow you to buy 100 more. In addition, students can send you their results via email, or share results (and challenge their friends) via Twitter or Facebook. Once they get the app . . . Practice. Practice. Practice. When they take home that 1st place trophy they will thank you for telling them about Test-2-Prep. See you at the ICDC!


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Android Apps

now available on Google Play

DECK-A FlashCards is a great app for making every minute count. When you have a second or two between classes, on the bus, at the end of the period--whenever--use it to learn these essential business and marketing terms.

This app will help you outside of class as well. This is a great tool for preparing for your DECA, FBLA or BPA competitive events. Basic business and marketing terms are essential and this is a convenient and entertaining way of learning them.

Share on Facebook or Twitter or send an email to your teacher if you don't understand a particular term.  We hope this is useful and wish you luck in your class and competition.

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